Kathryn Kurtz of K Squared Design Studio sits on a chair in her office in Fort Collins, Colorado

Resourceful. Creative. Funny. Kind. & a Helluva Good Listener.

I’m KATHRYN Kurtz.

( i.e. K Squared )

Clients often have a hard time communicating what they want – they just know it when they see it. During my design process, I ask the right questions + I pick up on unique clues to create a design solution that feels authentic to my clients. My talent shines in leveraging both my technical and creative skills to make your design come to life.

 some of my favorite things

I always love a built-in planter

Kathryn Kurtz's favorite design feature is built-in planters

my fam – the coolest people I know

Kathryn Kurtz's favorite people are her family – they are the coolest people she knows.

I can’t live without my iPad + apple pencil

Kathryn Kurtz's favorite design tool is her ipad and pencil

I’ll go anywhere my airstream will take me!

Kathryn Kurtz's favorite place is any where her airstream will take her.
“it’s about the relationships, stupid”
wise words I’ll never forget…

A former boss used to say this all the time and it has stuck with me ever since. In order to design a space that is fitting for the individuals we serve, we have to build a strong relationship. The places we live are highly personal and I need to know you in order to hit the mark.


Kathyrn Kurtz, also know at Kat or K Squared, is a interior designer based out for Fort Collins Colorado and serves Northern Colorado, Denver and Boulder