To say that my wife and I approached the thought of remodeling our kitchen with a bit of fear would be an understatement. We knew that, left in our own hands, our hopes might be more nightmare than dream. So, we decided to get help, and hired Kat. She listened to what we wanted, first; and then she did a remarkable thing, she helped us to see more clearly exactly what it is we most wanted the kitchen to be, opening up possibilities we had not thought of, but which seemed meant to be. Ushering us toward choices that make most sense has saved us hours in the muddle of countless choices, and her confidence, imagination, and expertise have made a pleasure an experience which could easily be otherwise. Without Kat’s advice and vision, we’d be far more stressed, and worse, would be building a kitchen that wouldn’t be the one we most wanted. She has helped us to see what we couldn’t see on our own.
— Dan Beachy-Quick, Kitchen Remodel Client
Words truly don’t capture how much we appreciate Kathryn and all she did for us professionally. She is amazing: so creative, sensitive to our needs, attentive, and smart. She did a tremendous job of blending her professional knowledge with the warmth and passion of who she is as a person to deliver such a beautiful kitchen solution.
— Kelly Dwoinen, Remodel Client
Kathryn is an outstanding creative mind. She is so knowledgeable about her craft. During the design process of our new school buildings, she was able to translate our desires, needs and wants even when we couldn’t articulate them. Kat is a great listener who really seeks to understand the client she works for.
— Charlotte Cianco, Superintendent at Mapleton Public Schools
When we started our remodeling adventure, we weren’t convinced we needed professional design help, but the moment we met Kat, she changed our mind. She asked us all of the right questions to help us decide between what we thought we wanted and what we really needed. She helped us see past the limitations of what our home was and create a clear picture of what our home could be. She also helped us make the tough choices about where to spend our money so we got the most value out of our budget. And she did it all with humor, grace, and honesty. From her endless patience with our decision-making, to her detailed designs that helped us communicate with our contractors, and her frank, smart, answers to our budget woes, Kat was the one who kept us sane through our major remodel. Now that our project is completed, it is clear that Kat’s guidance helped us create a home that fits much better with the way we live, the way we interact with our growing family, and the ways we like to spend our time. We have the space to play, cook, and spend time together, which makes the money and the process feel so worthwhile. We had no idea that the function of our space could have such a huge impact on our time together! We are so grateful for Kat’s services in helping us get here, and, now, for her friendship.
— Stacy Lischka, Remodel Client
Kat gave us designs that fit within the vision we had for our remodel while also opening our eyes to other possibilities and uses for the space. In the end, we chose a design she created that wasn’t even something we had considered as an option before she dreamed it up. With Kat’s help, our kitchen and living spaces have turned out to be functional, beautiful and comfortable. K Squared Design helped make our new house into a home that we love.
— Ashley Schorsch, Remodel Client