Kathryn Kurtz - Owner/ Interior Designer - NCIDQ #20699

Kathryn Kurtz - Owner/ Interior Designer - NCIDQ #20699

My journey to becoming an interior designer started early in life. 

A recessive gene taught me color theory. There are many colors a fair-skinned red head just can’t pull off. Through trial and error I discovered how to work with the unique color palette I was given. I learned to be strategic in my choices and to find colors and patterns that played to my uniqueness. 

My grandmother taught me beauty can arise from unlikely places. A pile of tiny fabric scrapes can be transformed into memorizing quilts; yarn and a hook can make slippers and colorful blankets; a thin transparent piece of paper, some scissors, fabric and a sewing machine can create beautiful functional garments for people that you love.

My father taught me to be really good at your craft and to be obsessive about details. He was a builder and a craftsman. I spend a lot of time on job sites and at the lumber store as a kid. He had a knack for giving me really tedious jobs like filling finish nail holes with putty. He was a stickler and a perfectionist so I had to do damn good work if I wanted to graduate to a more sophisticated task on one of his job sites. 

Fast forward through 7 years of college (including a structural engineering detour that solidified my desire to be an interior designer). I made the smart decision to attend an accredited design program at CSU where I had to be in the top 20% percent to continue in the program past my first year. 

Fast forward through 12 wonderful years spent at the Neenan Company here in stunning Fort Collins were I was given ample opportunity to learn, grow, create, manage, lead and mentor. I learned to be authentic and that a collaborative effort yields the best results. 

Which brings us to present day. Those that surround me continue to teach me valuable lessons. My three kids teach me to stop and smell the roses once in a while. My husband teaches me to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. I started my own business in 2012 because I thrive when I can see a project from conception to completion. I am keen to find authentic meaningful design solutions arise from unlikely places and I see constraints as opportunities. I love being fueled by a client’s vision and bringing it to light through collaboration, hard work and obsessive focus.